Tax Reform Act

At the end of 2017, the Tax Reform Bill was signed into law. This Act represents the most significant changes to our tax system in 30 years. To help you understand how this act affects you individually and/or your business, we have condensed the Tax Reform Act down into a more useful guide and video series. Pop up some popcorn, and enjoy the videos! Richardson and Rowlett Texas

Click here for pamphlet on the latest Individual Tax Reform

Click here for pamphlet on the latest Corporate Tax Reform

New Individual Tax Brackets

Changes to Standard Deduction

New Individual Tax Brackets

Limitation in Real Estate Tax

Mortgage Interest Impact

Tax Breaks for Parents

Healthcare Act and Healthcare Penalties

Education Tax Credits and Tax Breaks

Changes to Deductible Expenses

Changes to Allowable Deductions

Changes to Deductible Expenses

Corporate Tax Bracket and Corporation Filing

Depreciation, Bonus Depreciation, and Section 179 Expenses

Entertainment Expenses

Net Operating Losses

Accounting Methods

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